Let’s Build a Better Future for All!

About Us

SIDES APS is a non-profit organization that aims to explore the concept of social innovation and personal development.

We develop, project, connect, create and spread new ideas to satisfy social needs in a better way than current ways do by creating new relationship among people, organizations and communities, with good vibes and professionalism!

Our services

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We design and implement custom training experiences, not only to transfer knowledge and skills but also to explore different ways to think, act and interact!


We create new solutions based on your experiences and your needs. We set your goals together, and decide the strategy to achieve these goals by using our tools. We build the projects for an effective future, and we are your seat-mate during the projects.


We are hungry for new ideas, theories and solutions. We strongly believe that researches are fundamental for innovation.

Individual and Communities Empowerment

We design and implement psychological, coaching and facilitation interventions for the individuals, groups and communities. People are the value and change factor of the situation that they are getting through.